Powerful public speaking on Zoom
and in person can change your life.

How you look, sound, and interact on the small screen can make or break your business, your career, and your reputation.
How well do you
show up on Zoom?
Get your ZoomScore
and find out.
How well do you
show up on Zoom?
Get your ZoomScore
and find out.

Struggling with the way
you show up on Zoom?

Learn to Zoom like a pro with Rosemary Ravinal.

Enroll in my 90-minute Mini Zoom Camp
and improve your video conferencing skills.

Become a master
video communicator.

Whether you are a CEO leading a board meeting, a department head helming a staff meeting, a spokesperson facing the news media…

It is all happening via video conference now.


Improve your
authority and presence
on video calls.



Ace interviews
and briefings on
the small screen.



Discover tools to
increase the impact of
virtual presentations.


Master the skills you need to succeed
on the small screen today and

lead from the big stage tomorrow.

All services available in English or Spanish.

What clients are saying:

  • “Rosemary Ravinal is a go-to resource for navigating the bilingual, bi-cultural business space. Her own voice is clear, true and authentic, and her ability to get messages across any medium is what makes her someone I trust and recommend.”

    Ed Rivero // Managing Director, The Cortez Brothers
  • "Rosemary's coaching style is warm, personal and generous.  She empowers trainees to combine their natural style and personality with proven presentation and public speaking skills to up their game."

    Iveliesse Malavé // Vice President, Communications, The Latin Recording Academy®
  • "Rosemary has a high-touch training style like few others. She works with the person’s natural qualities to boost confidence and build expertise for novice and experienced speakers."

    Oscar Corral // Managing Director, Explica Media
  • “Rosemary is a skilled communicator who over the course of many years has gathered valuable tips and techniques on public speaking and presentations. Her high-impact approach to dealing with tough and friendly media interviews helps prepare executives for success.” 

    César Sabroso // SVP, Marketing, A+E Networks Latin America
  • "Rosemary provided valuable coaching in preparation for speeches and panels in both English and Spanish.  Her techniques helped energize my delivery and boost my confidence at the podium."

    Patricia Pineda // Group Vice President (Former), Hispanic Business Strategy, Toyota Motor North America
  • "Media readiness coaching is one of Rosemary's specialties. Her approach is highly customized to fit the client's needs and the spokesperson's natural abilities. She has worked effectively with several of our clients."

    Jorge A. Plasencia // Chairman & CEO, República
  • "After the coaching is completed, Rosemary Ravinal stays connected and engaged to ensure your success as a communicator.  She builds relationships to last and grow."

    Ana Maria Soto, AMS and Associates - Chicago
  • "Rosemary Ravinal combines proven communications skills training with novel techniques drawn from different disciplines.  It is a true pleasure working with her."

    Adriana Machado, Briyah Institute - Miami
  • "Rosemary shapes the communications training to the natural abilities and personal style of the client.  Her approach cuts to the point and provides skills you can use immediately."

    Anabelle Alarcon, Alarcon PR - Miami
  • "The video presentation skills training I received was the best ever.  No theory, just great practical tips I was able to use right away.  My presentations have improved 100%."

    Aileen Schlef, Creative Alliance - Washington, D.C.
  • "Every professional, whether you’re in marketing or sales or leadership, deserves to be coached by Rosemary on how to show up at your prepared best for every meeting."

    Dan Grech, BizHack Academy - Miami, FL

Learn to Zoom like a pro
with Rosemary Ravinal.

Video Conference Trainer | Public Speaking Coach

Zoom requires us to rethink how we communicate.

Video conferencing is the workspace you must master to succeed today and tomorrow. Trust. Credibility. These are on the line when you show up on the small screen.

I can help you rev up your Zoom skills, manage better video meetings and excel at leading from your living room.


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